Outsourcing work to India and other countries by Dominic Bowkett

Take caution before you outsource your work

Dominic Bowkett, explains, if you are considering outsourcing your work to a third party, then it typically means that your workload is reached its maximum capacity. Congratulations! Outsourcing has been shown to be a means in which you can find cheap labor to cover the overflow. There have been arguments regarding the overall economic impact of outsourcing, and each party does have a point. This article will explain some of the key considerations you should take before outsourcing work to India and Other Countries.

Consideration One: You get what you pay for

If your company needs precision based work, then outsourcing may not be the best option for you, especially to places like India. While there are freelancing firms in India and Africa which do excellent work, I often find (as a freelancer) that I must correct the mistakes of outsourced work. The reason is that these companies rely upon automated software to regurgitate out your required work. A real example would be an outsourced job that a client did with a rendering farm. The file was sent exactly as it was required by the site, the company contacted the client saying that the file was too cluttered and that they removed the unnecessary models. The result was a render void of any detail, a 3D model which had to be reconstructed, and a loss of finances. Another issue that will arise when outsourcing to India or another country is that the original content will not be original. Clip art, snippets from other websites, non-royalty free images, stock images, and other useless junk tend to make their way into cheap labor. When outsourcing look for the quality worker not the cheapest solution explains Dominic Bowkett. Remember, it may be cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

Consideration Two: The language barrier

When outsourcing to India or another country, it is recommended that you choose a country which speaks your native language. The whole point of outsourcing is to find a freelancer or a professional company who can perform the work according to your instructions expediently. If you are spending your entire time trying to teach English to a German, Chinese to a Frenchmen, or Arabic to a Italian, you are wasting time and money. A tip which I have found in any application process overseas is to have a basic phone conversation or skype conversation with the client. If I cannot get more than 10 minutes into the conversation without having to repeat myself, I move on to the next contender.

Consideration Three: Copyright laws and infringements

Before you outsource to India or another outside country, ensure that you understand the copyright laws of that country to which you are sending your data. Just because you are protected here, does not mean that you are protected there. A real example of this would be an architect who thought he would outsource his blueprints of a dome house to Dubai. While his work was copyright protected in the US, the laws are different in Dubai. The company he outsourced his work to put a global copyright on the blueprints which restricted the original architect from using the work. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of investors and legal proceedings resulted from this. If you must send copyrighted material to India or another country for outsourcing purposes, have an NDA as well as a global copyright in place upon all materials that you send.

Consideration Four: If you must outsource use a valid source to do so Not all outsourcing is bad, as stated by Dominic Bowkett

. The easiest way to ensure that you have a valid freelancer or company to outsource to is to use a freelancing site or to find a site which has accreditation and validation. Freelance sites will have a ranking system of some sort and generally require identification validation, banking validation, and a skills test. Websites should have a valid email (not @gmail, @hotmail, or @yahoo but an @domain.com address), a phone number at the location where the business is established, and reliable validation/testimony.

The final consideration – Dominic Bowkett

stated that regardless of your standing point on freelancing, there is one consideration which should take precedent over everything else. This is the fact that the outsourced work will be associated with your name. If the quality is poor, it is not the outsourced worker who will suffer, but you. Should you have a large company and outsource your work to avoid taxation or paying fair wages to workers and the media get a hold of it and broadcasts it, it will not be the workers in India or another country who are seen as exploiting the market, but your business. Outsourcing should be conducted with the same level of ferocity and caution that you would conduct for any professional asking for employment at your physical location.

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The Secret for Getting Ripped

There are many adults who spend many hours of their time around the gym trying to acquire that desired figure. This may be quite exhausting, consuming lots of time and energy. It is important to note that it’s practically impossible to jump out of the gym to the competition field, thus require time and ideas on how to get ripped fast. This will include taking light exercises which may include taking a walk or jogging in the evening. Food composition is also an essential consideration where food rich in carbohydrates are most recommended. Protein intake is also essential it is important to note that these should be taken in quantified amounts and avoid excessive usage – Dominic Bowkett.

Muscle growth supplements are to be found in a range of products which come from various manufacturers. However despite the difference in production, the product is required to contain high nutritional levels of protein and glucose which are essential to ensure high levels of insulin are produced within the body system and are also ideal when consideration on how to get ripped fast is made. Insulin is important to ensure a steady supply of amino acids to the muscles. The protein and glucose will increase the insulin levels which will effectively increase the production of amino acids. The amino acids are generally required by the muscles to ensure growth and development of new muscles.   The sports industry is one of the leading industries over the world with daily turnovers which supersedes all the other sectors. This means therefore that adequate research is being done to facilitate better performance of the personnel involved in the sports. To enhance their performance much is also required to on the line of how to get ripped fast. Companies have intensified research into sportswear, advertising, nutrition and other factors making the fraternity of affiliates to be much bigger.

Of major consideration has been development of necessary muscles which has seen a lot of efforts geared towards identification of the best and most effective components of a muscle growth supplement. This has been conducted by various universities as well as drugs and food manufacturers to ascertain the reaction of varying levels of certain food components to the body. After an extensive work out session, it is important to use the necessary nutritional supplements. Other than the supplements, there are other key factors which require to be put in to consideration. The body is in a big way made up of water and thus making water a necessity to the body. After the rigorous exercise, a lot of water is lot through perspiration and therefore needs to be replenished. This means therefore that regular intake of water is necessary which is recommended at one to two gallons of water daily. These among others are key considerations on how to get ripped fast. Information on how to get ripped fast can further be obtained from a number of sources. All this information is important in ensuring that the sports personnel are in a position to perform better without the excesses which are common during the training sessions.

Source:- Dominic Bowkett

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